Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween stuff from over the years

Halloween is fast becoming one of my favorite holidays. As a kid we never really did anything for Halloween, maybe thats why I like it so much now. I love the colors, the costumes, the candy!! Here are a few things I have done over the years.

I made this wreath using cheap ribbon from the dollar store. I made the Happy Halloween sign and the ghosts and bat from Sculpey. That stuff is AWESOME!

The treat jack-o-lanterns are made from formula cans. I saved a TON of them and spray painted them orange. I used sharpie to color a big white label then cut out the faces for the pumpkins.  Since they are made from cardboard I could easily poke a hole in the dies and make a pipe cleaner handle. Tissue paper in the bucket and some treats and its a cute Halloween treat for the kids.

This year my local dollar store was going out of business so all their Halloween stuff was half off or less! It was amazing! So I made some treat trays and treat buckets for family.

Printed the labels for some treats and made some candy wrappers for large chocolate bars, also made some coloring books.

In 2007 we had a huge Halloween party. Here are some pictures of the decorations and food.

Notice all the treat buckets in the background?

Black juice with a floating ice hand...

Dips served in small pumpkins

Wood crate with added wooden pumpkin and leaves serves for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Wooden pumpkin painted many many years ago.

I know a lot of people are into the whole muted color thing, but I can never be one of them, for me color is more than just brown and teal. I need some VIBRANT in your face color, especially during holidays like Halloween!

The Kid's Old Bedrooms

The house we lived in before we moved to PA was 4 bedrooms, it was NICE, here are some pictures of what we did in their rooms

This is Amy Brown Art that I painted onto a small canvas

     Jarid's room, this was a fun room to do

New school sewing!

I posted old school crafting here, so I thought I would post some of the newer things I have made. Mind you some of this is still about 7 years old, but its still newer than this.

This is an outfit I did for my then 2 year old. We went to a pumpkin farm and I wanted something cute for her to wear. I made one for my 7 month old also.

My attempt at a Belle dress but with different material. The trim was wired edged ribbon that I got at the dollar store many years ago. I just pulled the wire out and sewed it on.

Its kinda hard to tell in this pic, but I made all three outfits, cloaks, wench dress and all! It was fun, this was the cheap version of the witches from 
Hocus Pocus

Thats me as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My co-worker Laura was Jack. I made my dress and wig, it was not easy!

Here's Laura again, all dressed for the Renaissance Faire. I made her dress from an Elizabethan costume pattern. Cost about 100$ and took me 40 hours!! This was  a long time ago, wonder if I can do one is less time?

Here is mine, I didn't make the dress but I added the sleeves and the under skirt. Also made the head piece. Wish I had better pictures.

Here is another group of Ren Faire goers, the dress on the left was a revamp, just cut it up the middle and added an under dress, the one in the middle I made from a pattern, the monk did his own thing!

We went to the Harry Potter Book Release Party, we put together the costumes from Goodwill, and I made the cloak for "Ginny" and altered a trench coat for "Draco". My husband carved the wands. We also made the ties for each respective house and added the house emblems to the robes.

I went as Trelawney. I only hemmed the skirt, everything was either already owned or bought at Goodwill!

This was the last year that my co-worker Laura and I got to dress for Halloween, we are a good fairy and a bad fairy. I made both of these costumes from scratch, the "corsets" are from a pattern. We put our heads together and came up with these.

I know its kind of grainy, its a paper photo and I took a picture of it with my iPhone so that I didn't have to mess with the scanner, yeah I'm lazy like that!

Doll Making

I love rag dolls. I had some Raggedy Ann dolls when I was little (no clue where they are now). So I decided to make some dolls for all the little girls in my life. At the time there were 8 that number has gotten larger over the years. Here was the first set of dolls I made back in 2003

The pattern was photo-copied for my by one of my co-workers.

Then in 2005 I found this website

And I made this

I need to find my other dolls, to this day I have made about 20 of these dolls for gifts. Time to make some for me!

Doll Wardrobe

I was at my favorite place in our new town....Good Will! 
They had this really ugly little doll wardrobe, which I assume someone used for makeup or jewelry. I have no before picture but you can imagine wood and not the pretty color, but more of a yellowish color. Here is the only before picture I have its after I painted the wood white.

Here is what I did with some Mod Podge and scrapbook paper

Now all I need are some doll clothes hangers and my girls will have a place to throw all of their dolls clothes on !
(because we all know that they will rarely if ever hang them on the hangers!)

My first ever link up party! I am posting this at
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christmas 2008

These are a few of the Christmas gifts I made for family for Christmas 2008

Twilight Bracelet for step-daughter

I made all the beads dangly thingys and all the charms that was so fun
 (no not really)

Twilight Necklace for step-daughter

Star Wars necklace for niece

Cinderella Necklace for oldest daughter

Bracelet for sister in law

Earrings for step-daughter, image is kinda blurry but yes those are skulls. 

These mugs I painted for my brothers for Christmas. The pictures are of their daughters. I also made one for my dad with my moms image on it.

I have lots more to post later.