Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dollar Store Bandwagon

Well I am jumping on, or rather stating that I am on...I have always shopped at the dollar store, in fact most of my Christmas stocking stuff comes from there! So here is my dollar store fall wreath!

The American flag hangs behind the glass on the door.

Total cost: $7
Wreath, 3 leaf garlands, ribbon, 2 leaf picks

Here is my first attempt at a pumpkin floral thingy

Total cost: $10 

Pumpkin and container from Walmart $8
Leaf picks, gold ball thingys from dollar store
To make it stand up I put a box inside the container and stuffed plastic bags around it till it was firm, then cut a circle of cardboard and hot glued it to the top of the box that was inside the container. That way if I want to make a Christmas container thingy I can just take out the pumpkin one and pop in a Christmas thing!

Here is something I am working on, I got it for FREE!!! 
LOVE Craigslist!

also stay tuned to what I make this into

And lastly, my middle child was playing with one of those battery operated tea lights and I got this picture, I took it with my iPhone!!! =)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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  1. I haven't gotten into the habit of stopping by the Dollar Store on a regular basis. Obviously, I've been missing out. Love these creations!

  2. I am drooling over that desk. So much potential

  3. Yes the dollar store is awesome!!! And that desk is actually a sewing table!!! the guy I got it from was going to bust it up and burn it this winter!!!!