Monday, November 8, 2010

Countdown to Harry Potter!!

We are about 10 days from Harry Potter 7.1!! I can't wait! I have been a fan since about 2001. I have read all of the books about 10 times each and have all of the movies. I even dressed up as Professor Trewlaney for the book release party for book 7!

Not exact but close, while walking in someone yelled out "They can't make you leave Trewlaney!"

I thought that was awesome!

Anyway, in celebration of movie 7 part one coming out I made a tiny display on one of my built in shelves.

I have more stuff, but it is all in storage in NC. =( I will make a much larger display when part 2 comes out next summer.

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  1. Yeah for potter love! I totally thought about decorating my un finished guest bedroom around potter this week ahhh, I think I might do it. Hope you enjoy(ed) the film