Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christmas 2008

These are a few of the Christmas gifts I made for family for Christmas 2008

Twilight Bracelet for step-daughter

I made all the beads dangly thingys and all the charms that was so fun
 (no not really)

Twilight Necklace for step-daughter

Star Wars necklace for niece

Cinderella Necklace for oldest daughter

Bracelet for sister in law

Earrings for step-daughter, image is kinda blurry but yes those are skulls. 

These mugs I painted for my brothers for Christmas. The pictures are of their daughters. I also made one for my dad with my moms image on it.

I have lots more to post later.


  1. I love that jewelry. Very neat ideas!
    And you painted those mugs!? Girl, you've got some serious talent. :)

  2. Yes I painted the mugs, but I kinda cheated. I turned the photo to black and white and then used an artist filter, think it was pencil, and printed it then stuck the paper in the glass and painted over the picture onto the glass. They came out WAY better than I would have thought, made everyone at Christmas cry.