Friday, August 20, 2010

Our local thrift store!

Since moving here to PA I have discovered an AMAZING thrift store, it is packed to the rafters, literally!

The place is called Little Hearts they don't have a website so I linked a map to their name. There is also a phone number. Anyway I have gotten some cool stuff there like this.

Well I wanted to share what I got there a couple weeks ago and how much I spent.
(because I am a dork like that)

So thats 4 pairs of shoes a bunch of pants, outfits, shirts a skirt and some PJs all for 50$!!!! Having three girls is expensive so I am thrilled with this store!

I also found this there for 20$ with 20% off!! It was stuffed with furniture and 4 dolls!!
Santa will be giving this to one of the girls for Christmas!

(not the actual picture of it, its upstairs hidden away)

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