Friday, August 20, 2010

More Projects

So having recently moved to this area, I have found that the Goodwill here is WAY cheaper than the one that was closest to me back in NC. So I go there often.
Here are a few things I have found along the way

To this

Of course they aren't completely done yet, I need to cut some circles for the openings and maybe do a monogram. Haven't gotten that far yet. 
You can't tell (or maybe you can) but these are plastic and they were UGLY! I of course didn't get a good before pic because I was too excited to make them pretty. 
Cost: 1.99

This and this


To this!!

and a closer look

These were 4.99 at gw and then the cost of paint
Total cost : $12.00

(although I am having a slight issue with the paint not sticking, its the Krylon plastic paint and it just scrapes off, any tips would be great!)

More to come soon!

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