Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New school sewing!

I posted old school crafting here, so I thought I would post some of the newer things I have made. Mind you some of this is still about 7 years old, but its still newer than this.

This is an outfit I did for my then 2 year old. We went to a pumpkin farm and I wanted something cute for her to wear. I made one for my 7 month old also.

My attempt at a Belle dress but with different material. The trim was wired edged ribbon that I got at the dollar store many years ago. I just pulled the wire out and sewed it on.

Its kinda hard to tell in this pic, but I made all three outfits, cloaks, wench dress and all! It was fun, this was the cheap version of the witches from 
Hocus Pocus

Thats me as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My co-worker Laura was Jack. I made my dress and wig, it was not easy!

Here's Laura again, all dressed for the Renaissance Faire. I made her dress from an Elizabethan costume pattern. Cost about 100$ and took me 40 hours!! This was  a long time ago, wonder if I can do one is less time?

Here is mine, I didn't make the dress but I added the sleeves and the under skirt. Also made the head piece. Wish I had better pictures.

Here is another group of Ren Faire goers, the dress on the left was a revamp, just cut it up the middle and added an under dress, the one in the middle I made from a pattern, the monk did his own thing!

We went to the Harry Potter Book Release Party, we put together the costumes from Goodwill, and I made the cloak for "Ginny" and altered a trench coat for "Draco". My husband carved the wands. We also made the ties for each respective house and added the house emblems to the robes.

I went as Trelawney. I only hemmed the skirt, everything was either already owned or bought at Goodwill!

This was the last year that my co-worker Laura and I got to dress for Halloween, we are a good fairy and a bad fairy. I made both of these costumes from scratch, the "corsets" are from a pattern. We put our heads together and came up with these.

I know its kind of grainy, its a paper photo and I took a picture of it with my iPhone so that I didn't have to mess with the scanner, yeah I'm lazy like that!

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